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The Lord

On the 6th August every year we celebrate the day day when the Lord took three of his apostles, Peter,James and John up Mount Tabor and was transfigured in front of their eyes. His face shone like the sun and his clothes were as white as light showing his Glory.All three of the apostles witnessed this phenomenon and saw the Lord talking to two of his prophets-Moses and Elijah as he was been transfigured.They talked of Jesus's death and resurection-the destiny he was to fulfil in Jerusalem.The apostles recognised Moses and Elijah either by their appearance or by their words. These two prophets appeared on the mountain to show the apostles, and ultimately the world,that the Lord is Sovereign over life and death.(Moses died but Elijah left the earth alive on a chariot)

As the transfiguration was taking place a cloud covered the mountain and a voice was heard saying "This is my beloved Son whom you should listen to."This voice helped to strengthen the apostles in their faith that Jesus was,and is, the Son of the living God.

When the apostles heard the voice they fell to their knees.Jesus came and touched them and told them not to be afraid.


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Last Published:4/5/03

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