The Three Hierarchs

The Three Hierarchs are known as the Fathers of Orthodox Education and Literacy.They were St Basil The Great, St Gregory of Nanzianzou (Theologos) and St John Chrysostom.

They all helped to strengthen Christainity by promoting the teaching of love.From around the year 1100, the 30th January was celebrated as a day for Greek and Christian education,writings and teaching.

They lived in Byzantium, and were great teachers of the Holy Word and great philosophers. They fought the opponents of the day and won.St Basil created the first Philanthropic Society.They Built orphanages for abandoned children.They looked after widows and the poor. They built old peoples homes. They looked after and helped the imprisoned. They created a fund to buy back the freedom of prisoners. They built hospitals and sanctuarys for lepers.They believed that the Church's wealth should be used for the benefit of the poor and those in need. St John built hospitals in Constantinople.St Gregory left all his money to the Church in Nanzianzou for the benefit of the poor.

St John Chrysostom said that if you had nothing you were not poor. You were poor if you desired much. You were not rich if you had a lot. You were rich if you desired nothing.St Basil believed that if you gained something through a bad deed, you had married unhappiness. They believed that God had made the Soul for work and that all occupations should be respected. St John believed that money was good if it was used to satisfy the hunger of your fellow man. Kindness and generosity was the heart of their teaching. To show kindness to your fellow man was greater than fasting and prayers and gifts to Churchs and other such deeds.

We celebrate their day collectively on 30 January each year, but each has their own individual day on which we celebrate their life and works. St Basil has his day on January 1st, St Gregory on January 25th and St John on January 27th.


We celebrate her name day on 17th July .

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