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silva tohme

I am a lebanese women with 2 childeren.I love st.nektarios very much.he saved my dauhgter last year .now she wears a piece of him given to us from our priest whose name is NEKTARIOS.I wish to be a member.thank you

Fr. Laurence Girard

Enjoyed visiting your site. I am pastor of the Chapel of St. Nectarios and St. John Maximovich in the Kimisis Church in Clearwater , Florida .

vladimir vujosevic

thank you for this wonderfull site.AGIOS NEKTARIOS pray for us.

Fr. Michael A. Koure

I pray that the intersession of the Lord's servent, Saint Nektarios be with us all.

Markku Ylönen

Erete agios papas because of great prayers The Holy Church to honour Agois Trias ke Agios Nektarios has been build up here in Finland in North Carelia on the city of Kitee . Kirie eleison imas K. Markos



dora solomonides sek

very impressed.

dora solomonides sek

Really I was very impressed by reading all this. I hope St. Nektarios prays for our children and families.

Paul/Pantelis Bouzou

It with a very big Thank you to the folks in the Monastery that have send me the bless oil and agiasmos of Agio Nektarios here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina,USA.Again Thank you,May the Lord our God Bless our beautiful Saint Nektarios and wish him many years.I Also want to pray to Holy Saint Nektarios for myself and for him to help me through his intersession to Pray for Pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so i can become a Priest
Sincerely:Anagnostis Paul/Pantelis Bouzounis,Seminary Student,Saint Elias School of Orthodox Theology.
God Bless every one on this site

Elleni E. Tzortzis

I am thrilled and thankful for this site, but more so for the powerful intercession of our beloved Saint Nektarios.

Evelyne Salloum

I've been told about a sacred tree in Saint Nektarios shrine, so can you tell me more about it. Thank you in advance

Kristiina Hartikaine

Interestin web-sites. Thank You.


Very good work what you've done here god bless you, with the prayers of the great Saint Nektarios Pentapoli

Symeon (Douglas) Hadley

We are establishing a pan-Orthodox healthcare ministry in Portland Oregon USA under St Nectarios' name, and seek his prayers.

Liviu Mihai

A very beautiful page where i can find many details about Saint Nektarios's life .Great done!


Hi my name is Armine and I have contact with saint Nektarios every day.Saint Nektarios has helped my family and others in so many ways.His heart is filled with love and miracles, that await to happen with his wonderful soul

Fr. Paul Baba

My wife & i were moved deeply by the suffering and life of Agios Nectarios. Pray for the servant of God, Paul.

John N. Rallis II

Great site for a great saint.

Named for the Archistrategos Michael

I was recently reading the life of St Nektarios by Constantine Cavarnos and immediately noticed several relevant dates associated with his life.He was born October 1st-so was I!He died on November 8th-this is my name day!(innovative calendar)In one account he was elevated to Metropolitan on January 15th, 1889; in another account he was ordained deacon on January 15th, 1877, the anniversary of his baptism-I was received into the Church January 15th, 1989!He was glorified by the Church on April 20th, 1961-my parents were married on April 20th! 1963 though.He entered the hospital during his final illness on September 20th-September 20th is my father's birthday!When he was persecuted by the Church and removed for the 1st time from his bishopric, it was a May 3rd-my brother got married on May 3rd!I pilgrimaged to his tomb on Aegina last August, 2002, and asked for his prayers.St Michael and St Nektarios pray for us!

Nectarios Elia

Good site!Praise the Lord and may he allow St.Nektarios to watch over us always.


I am wondering if anyone would like to read my son's testimony which is on the first page of our website at http://www.thepalfreymans.freeserve.co.uk Andy died suddenly just before his 17th birthday and a year previously he wrote of how he found real lasting peace with God. Thankyou for letting me sign your guestbook.

Nenad Pantic from Serbia


Evangelos Kirialanis

Very wonderfull site to honour this great saint! I read His miracles on this site & I felt huge respect. Saint Nektarios , bless me and protect me & my family always!!!!!!


Your web site is very creative.
It is great idea! Great idea in putting prayers, miracles,etc. of the Saint.
I believe in Saint Nectarios and many prayers were answered praying to him.

Dionne (Dionysia)

I have found the site of st.Nektarios very spirit. I would add that I have st. Nektarios as 1 of my favourite saint.

Nick Kyriazis

Touched with the story of St Nektarios

Maria Hohlastos

Thank you for the miracle St. Nektario

mercedes garcia mañueco

I love greece and their traditions i know about holy nektarios and hope to we blessed



Michael R. Riley

St. Nektarios has supported my family in many ways during my son's battle with cancer. A source of comfort and strength......


how are you

Vangelis Kirialanis

As I already said before , this site is one masterpiece (excuse me if I sound stupid) and I really believe that anyone that comes in this site is blessed by St.Nektarios . I added my e-mail address so that anyone is free to contact me . I would like to hear what miracle had this respectable saint done to you all . I just want friendship !
I also would like to come in contact with the guy that created this site , whoever you are , please accept my congratulations because you keep up our faith in Jesus Christ.

May St.Nektarios bless you all

Antigone Roussos

George Georgiou

Christos Anesti.
A very Happy Easter to all.

Eleni Retsinas

This was not only a very interestng but very inspiring reading. I am glad I came across this site.Thank You

G Georgiou

Can we all please pray tonight for a very special girl and her family.Her name is Samantha.She is 18 years old and finds herself very ill. We hope that our Lord through our beloved Saint Nektarios will make her well and bring her family through this very testing time.


Vesna Banjeglav

Oce nas ( Our Father)
Oce nas koji sis na nebesima, da se sveti ime Tvoje, da didje carstvo Tvoje, da bude volja Tvoja na zemlji kao sto je i na nebu. Hleb nas nasusni daj nam danas, i oprosti nam dugove nase kao sto i mi oprastamo duznicima svojim. I ne uvedi nas u iskusenja no izbavi nas od zloga. Amin

Aliki Marie Los

I like you website very much. I am humbled to see so much devotion to our wonderful saint...you see, my husband and I are the English translators of the narrative 'A Saint for Our Times' by Sotos Hondropoulos

George Georgiou

thank you for your kind words Aliki.Your book was excellent reading too

George Georgiou

Vesna, Can you translate your comments please.

Ziad Gerges

Saint Nektarios thank you for watching over me and curing me. I love you Saint Nektarios, you have helped me and still helping me in my life, i feel your prayers to God are guiding my life, I feel you, you are great miracle worker.

Marianthi Bakirtzis

I would like to know if i can buy an buy of St. Nektarios mircles. If you can please email me back. thank you marianthi


I just recently read the book of St. Nektarios life. It realy touched my heart the way he suffered and prayed for all of us. This book really touched my heart they praying he did for all of us. He was so strong and loving man. I pray St Nektarios watches over us and protected us from evil.

Maria Shattaoulas

Andreas Antonopoulos

Congratulations for your magnificent site. May the blessing of the Saint be with you. Without you I would not know that there is a church of the Saint in London . May the Lord grant you many years!


i love st nectarios very much he is simple and full of love always when you need him he is there .GOD bless christos anesti


Christ is Risen!

Claudia Alexa

I'm journalist in Romania and this year St. Nectarie healed me from a logtime illness with my kidneys. Now he is the patron of my family and I hope to visit his monastery in Eghina. Please, let me know the adress of the monastery if possible! Parts of St. Nectarie relics are also in Romania at Radu Voda Monastery in Bucharest . God bless you and Saint Nectarie pray for us all!


As far as I am aware the address of the monastery is :
The Holy Monastery Of Ayios Nektarios

I am not sure of the full post code but if I find it I will post it.Can anyone else help?

Vicky Kaitatzis ( Australia )

Thank you for your time and effort in preparing this site.

Michaele Benedict

Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring pages.


I know that God listens. I can only pray that he works a miracle here


I looked this site up because my future husband's name is
Nektarios and I wanted to see what it's origins were. Very interesting, thankyou


Please if somebady can help me with the adresss of monastery of Aghios Nektarios. Thank you.

Nicusor Musca
Please if somebady can help me with the adresss of monastery of Aghios Nektarios. Thank you.

Nicusor Musca
Aleea Episcop Popeea bloc 25 scara a apart.10
Aleea Episcop Popeea bloc 25

Lily Tost

Can you tell me about St Naektarios? Thanks in advance.

Basil A Salvaris

Your site and others which help people find Christ are based on love. Thankyou for letting me read about Saint Nektarios who we all love so much.

Fr. Leonard Doolan (Anglican)

Thanks for your wonderful website - I visited Aegina in August. the shrine of Ag.Nektarios is very holy.

Fr. Leonard Doolan (Anglican)

Thanks for your wonderful website - I visited Aegina in August. the shrine of Ag.Nektarios is very holy.

Noelia Sirlene

Site riquissimo em conteudo. Parabens a todos. Acessem o da Diocese de Itabuna - http://www.diocese.pdw.com.br


I am from Ukraine . I need saint Nektarios help!

Gabi Puni

I was very impressed to see you...all! I happy to find you, to find St. Nektarios and this web page. Last year I was at Eghina and I meet the father Nektarios....I can't say what was in my soul, then in Eghina....I hope St. Nektarios prays for us.God Bless every one on this site !

Irene Chondropoulos

My sons name is nektarios


archimandrite nektarios mansour

pray for our church in jordan &jurosalem its a war ask from st.nektarios

archimandrite nektarios mansour

pray for our church in jordan &jurosalem its a war ask from st.nektarios

archimandrite nektarios mansour

pray for our church in jordan &jurosalem its a war ask from st.nektarios

archimandrite nektarios mansour

pray for our church in jordan &jorusalem its a war ask from st.nektarios



Irene Georgiou

As a greek cypriot born in the u.k,my greek isn't all that great,so to read about the saints in english was absolutely fascinating and thoroughly recommend all young greeks to log onto this website!


St. Nektarios, please pray for me as I am undergoing surgery for Papillary Cancer.

melitsa rizopoulos

my local church is named after St. Nektarios and was build by our community here in adelaide south australia
Our priest was Father Nektarios until he went to Magadasgar and became the Archbishop there and just last year he lost his life in the tragic accident that happen in Greece which killed so meny other priests.

Styliane Nicolaou

May Ithank you for creating this site and bringing me a closer understaning of our Saint Nektarios.
I thank you with all my heart.

I am very glad for the existence of this site. I also want to inform the Romanian readers that there is also a Romanian page dedicated to Saint Nectarios: site.neogen.ro/sf.nectarie/

flavia tosi e giulio tosi

we got a little icona of Saint nektarios during a trip in Greece . We now are happy to know more about this important Saint


i love greec and like to read about it thanks for a good site

Vicky K

I recently completed a book on the life of Saint Nektarios. He is truly admirable and we are blessed to have him as our saint in the orthodox church.

Aphrodite Marinake

Vasili Ypsilanti

Blessed be the name of the Lord and his faithful servant Nektarios. I was annointed with oil from St Nektarios' shrine prior to my surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor. By the grace of God I am today free of the cancer that could have taken my life. Thank you Lord Jesus and your servant St Nektarios

Marian Stresina

I have found this page looking for more info about Saint Nektarios. It is wonderful that more people express their good feelings regarding a Saint, especially these days in which we all live. For the prayers of Your Most Holy Mother and all Your Saints, for the prayers of Saint Nektarios, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us and all of us, and make us worthy of Your Kingdom. Amin.

Norman & Phyllis Rizzi

We had the good fortune to visit the monastery on Aegina early this month. It is very beautiful and an inspiration.


Thank you for your miracle. Agio Nektario helped save my son. Words cannot express my joy.

Dimitri Tzanakakis

Is there any possibility of getting 'outhen aniato dia ton Agio Nektario' in english?
My father was saved by Agios Nektarios and his miracle is in this book, but I would like to pass it on to my children who only speak english.

irene mougros

my life changed

katina trikilis

I meet my beloved saint intime of pain and suffering.In1970.Ithank the Holy Trinity and Virgin Mary.

Bill Kartsonis

eleni demosthenous

st nektarios help my leg and back to get better.

Angela Alibertis

Maggie Mabbitt

Athina Koutsougeras

Nancy Gordon

Thank you for this site edicated to Saint Nektarios

Niki Papageorgiou

I suffer from headaches and hope and pray that St. Nektarious will help me get better.

Irene I vistited Agios Nektarios in 1985 with my mother. I was not a willing visitor, I thought it was dumb and I was in a foul mood. At my mothers request, I knelt at the tomb of Agios Nektarios and put my ear to the tomb, as my mother asked. I heard a "psalmothia" unlike any I have heard before, or since. It was in a language I didn't recognize, but a strange calm came over me. The disgruntled teen that entered
full of misgivings and annoyance was calmed and reduced to tears. I can't really describe the feeling, but it left me elated and feeling a force of religious strength that I had lost. I thank St Nektarios every day for his love and guidance, I know that without that visit, I probably wouldn't be here today. Thank you and God Bless

Dimitris Savva

I would like to thank the webmaster for putting together such a comprehensive and inpiring website.Our Saint Nektarios has not only touched us with his deeds and miracles in his lifetime, but continues to touch and save many of us, even after his death



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