The Virgin Mary

Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord,rejoice,rejoice, my spirit,
in God my saviour;so tenderly has he looked upon his servant,
humble as she is. For,from this day forth,all generations will count me
blessed,so wonderfully has he dealt with me,the Lord,the Mighty One.
Luke 1 v46-49


The Blessed  and ever Virgin Mary is worshipped and greatly loved in the Greek Orthodox Church.As the mother of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ there are a number of days during the year specifically dedicated to her:

25 March-the Annunciation
15 August-her death
8 september-her birth
21 November-Entry into the Temple of God

She has performed many miracles and is a constant source of strength to those who invoke her name and pray to her for help.


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Last Published:17/06/07
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